Six Points Product Line

Six Points, Inc. is pleased to offer our customers healthy products at suprisingly affordable prices

Six Points product quality is second to none. As one of the top protein suppliers to the DoD, we pride ourselves in providing all the traditional favorite cuts in the various grades of beef. This selection includes the N.Y. Strip, T-Bone, Ribeye, Porterhouse and Fillet. We also have many other specialty products, such as our popular Beef Fajita, Beef Tips for Stewing and Stroganoff. Six Points will marinate, tenderize or add a flavor profile of our customers choice. We have an extensive product list that enables us to find the exact product you are seeking in order to meet your budget needs. Quality products at competitive prices is what we have always believed in here at Six Points.

An American favorite and symbol of Midwestern farm goodness, flavor and freshness, pork has been served for years with a multitude of cuisines. Served grilled, baked or broiled, smoked or stuffed, with fruit or vegetables, Pork Chops are a delicious entree. We offer a complete range of portion cut pork chops, diced pork and loins. Our unique ability to marinate our Pork creates a flavor, tenderness and juiciness that diners love.

Ground Beef
Six Points, Inc. offers a large assortment of ground beef products both in bulk packaging and portion controlled Ground Beef Patties. Our Ground Beef products are manufactured under strict USDA supervision in our fully HACCP compliant facility. We offer a wide variety of customer proven favorites as well as the flexibility to adapt our formulations and packaging to meet your custom needs.

Prepared Foods
Six Points, Inc. also has the capability to provide you with a variety of pre-cooked products. Our prepared line of items includes Pre-Cooked Hamburger Patties, Ground Beef, Diced Beef, Prime Rib, Corned Beef, Salisbury Steak, Meat Loaf and many more products. These Prepared items provide an exceptional eating experience with a fraction of the preparation time.

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